iFinancial Web Design



iFinancial, financial services company


As Art Director at ESD & Associates in the spring of 2016, I was given the assignment to redesign a website for a financial services company. Provided with the original site, a wireframe and basic direction, I developed the initial design and Invision prototype in less than one week while managing a full load of other projects.


When presented to the client at the end of the week, they were thrilled with the result and eager to continue working with us. The site was finalized in fall of 2016.

my contributions

  • Worked closely with Creative Director and to develop wireframes into a polished web design
  • Created high-fidelity prototype using Invision
  • Suggested site structure improvements that were implemented in the final product


original site



The Invision prototype can be viewed here.

Skills: Digital
Client: iFinancial